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Aguanga Dental Crowns

Preparing a Tooth for Aguanga Dental Crowns

 Aguanga Dental CrownsPreparing a tooth for Aguanga dental crowns will require at list two visits to the dentist. One of such visits will typically be for the examination and preparation of the tooth while the other visit will involve the placement of the Aguanga dental crowns.

In the first visit, the dentist in charge will likely take X-rays in order to determine or check the root of the tooth that would host the crown as well as the bone surrounding it. Note that placing dental crowns may have to be delayed if there are unwanted issues in the process. For example, a root canal make be done first in a case where there is an infection risk or injury risk at the pulp of the tooth. However, this will increase the number of visits to the dentist.

The preparation of the tooth for Aguanga dental crowns will also involve numbing the tooth plus the gum tissues that surrounds the tooth. For numbing, the dentist will use anesthetics to ensure that the area is numb and this is to reduce the likelihood of pain during the process.

The second visit will involve removing the temporary crown that was placed in the first visit before fitting the permanent one. However, it is important to observe some precautions before fitting the permanent Aguanga dental crowns. For example, some of the precautions include avoiding sticky foods like chewing gums. This is because they tend to pull of the crown and compound the problem.

Aguanga Dental Crowns