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Pala Cosmetic Dentistry

Pala Cosmetic Dentistry: What are the Different Types?

Pala Cosmetic DentistryThere are people who do not really understand the difference between Pala Cosmetic dentistry and traditional type of dentistry. The two forms of dentistry should not be mistaken with each other. For clarity sake it is important to state that cosmetic dentistry deals more with the appearance and tries to improve it. On the other hand traditional type of dentistry deals entirely with oral hygiene. For example traditional dentistry tries to focus on prevention and treatment of oral diseases.

Pala Cosmetic dentistry is of different types as seen below

Bite Reclamation: Too much grinding and ace reflux can cause a lot of harm to the teeth. Bite reclamation is the type of treatment needed to change the vertical dimension of people in this situation. The treatment gives the patent the shorter appearance in their smile as well as their faces.

Implants: Pala cosmetic dentistry also involves implants. It is important to mention that implants are long term solutions for missing teeth. When there are openings in the teeth, the facial structure changes and your smile becomes less attractive. Even though it is very expensive, it remains one of the most effective ways to correct a major problem of the teeth in Pala cosmetic dentistry treatments.

Teeth Whitening: This is another Pala Cosmetic dentistry treatment. It can also be called bleaching and it is used to remove stains in a person’s teeth. It is one of the least expensive treatments that can enhance appearance and smile.

Pala Cosmetic Dentistry