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Temecula Braces

Temecula Braces: What are the Different Types?

Temecula braces are simply dental braces used by Temecula dentists to correct a lot of teeth defects. These braces could be removable or fixed orthodontic appliances. However, the major function is to correct these defects like the bite and teeth alignment.

Temecula braces can be placed in several positions. For example, it can be on the upper side, lower side or even on both sides as it will depend on the type of correction that is required. Note that these braces can be used in conjunction with other orthodontic appliances. Temecula braces are likely to exert some sort of pressure on the teeth normally and this why they are simply moved to the required direction to achieve the right alignment.

Different Types of Temecula Braces Available

The different types of braces include

Metal or Plastic Braces: These type of braces are ones that are made of plastic or metallic materials. In this category, you will find the stainless metal braces for people who are not in any way allergic to metals

Ceramic Braces: They are braces made up of high tech glass like composite materials. They are very strong and expensive when compared to other types of dental braces.

Invisible Braces: They are normally placed on the front side of the teeth and they are invisible. Besides, they are also considered to be ideal for people who are not having the severe malocclusions.

Other types of Temecula braces for dental care include gold, traditional, lingual and sapphire brand braces.